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Quid Group: passion for innovative ICT solutions for Finance, Industry and Small Business


Reliability, innovation and solid technological and process skills represent the DNA that distinguishes us in the markets in which we operate:
  • From developing solutions for the financial services sector to designing innovative platforms for the management of credit processes, we pick up the challenge of the Consumer Finance market, which requires technologies to underpin constantly evolving organisational models and products;
  • We are a solid partner on whom industrial businesses and SMEs can rely to navigate the digital transformation.
Quid Informatica has grown over time by deploying successful projects, acting as a privileged partner for the implementation of end-to-end ICT products and solutions, and supporting customers in process analysis and evolutionary strategy identification endeavours.

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Quid - Beating Heart

Quid is considered one of the most innovative IT companies for the financial services sector, with more than 20 years as a tech provider in the market: we support the technological evolution of processes and business models of banking and financial institutions.


We share strategies of our customers and deliver our solutions on time and on budget, enabling customers to find a distinctive positioning within an increasingly competitive arena.


The complexity and the success of the projects led us to develop Qinetic, the first Italian cloud-native platform for Consumer Finance processes. Started in 2016, Qinetic is evolving year by year with the implementation of more functionalities and an increasing number of customers.


Quin, the centre of excellence empowering your business

The key to unleashing a business’ value is to make processes, organisation and planning more efficient.

This is the specialty of Quin, the centre of excellence that makes its management, IT and organisational skills available for consulting purposes in the areas of Operations & Supply Chain Management, Business & Data Analytics and Project & Innovation Management.


QGS, digital innovation for SMEs

Quin, the consulting company for digital transition owned by Group Quid, purchased QGS in July 2022. QGS-Quin Tech Intensity is the result of the integration between the Industry division of Quid and Gruppo Sistema, an IT player with 40 years track record in system solutions for Small Business.


Quin and QGS can now provide a wide range of integrated technological solution, based on a deep knowledge of industrial processes, supporting SMEs in achieving their business goals.


Qi-Lab, the digital services factory that turns ideas into products

Qi-Lab is qualified to meet the needs of the customers with fast prototyping activities in machine learning, UX Design and Big Data fields.

Qi-Lab can also provide strategical and structured 360° approach to the Corporate Security, supporting companies in improving their Security Posture with dedicated projects.


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Organisational Approach

Our organisational model is centred on the two core values of Quid’s activity: focus on the Customer and drive for delivery.
Our organisation includes two committees – the Technical Committee and the Project Committee – which are relied upon for each project requirement to support the Team Leader who coordinates the project group, the ‘Smart Team’.
Such a structure, coupled with a focus on sharing the objectives of corporate clients, allows Quid to deliver the most effective management and ICT solutions, while establishing long-standing collaborative relationships and partnerships.


Quid Informatica is member of Anitec-Assinform, the main association for companies of all sizes and specializations within the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector. Quid has built over time, through successful projects, the role of privileged partner for the devlopment of end-to-end ICT solutions.
Quid Informatica is a member of Assofin, the association representing the main banking and financial operators in the consumer credit and real estate sectors. A technological partner that enjoys recognised skills and has what it takes to deal with industry players. The Company is one of the promoters of association events, presenting technological innovation to respond to emerging needs.


Quid Informatica is among the top 100 IT companies in the ranking of IDC Italia and Data Manager
The 2022 edition of the TOP 100 Software and IT Services ranking – which is drawn up annually by IDC Italia and Data Manager by aggregating the results of the main operators – this year sees Quid Informatica once again rank among the top 100 companies in the Italian market, bearing out the growth path undertaken, particularly in the field of IT players for the Financial Services market. In the sector ranking for the Financial market, Quid has reached the 29th place overall: this result is mainly due to the growing success of the Qinetic Platform.
The ‘Economy’ insert of the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera available at newsstands today 11 May 2020, contains an in-depth analysis on the companies considered crucial for the restart. Quid Informatica is mentioned on page 4 of the report as a leading company in software solutions for the financial sector, in reference the Equinox Fund joining the shareholding structure of the Group.