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«Few Fintechs mean little dynamism and little innovation within the Financial sector: this is the current situation in Italy. We need to build a system in order to gain European attention. For example, the Scandinavian countries found their way to the Fintech innovation with instant payments solutions and then the whole sector notably increased its value». Quid’s Chairman Elio Catania spoke about the results of Equita’s research The FinTech Revolution, presented at the Fintech Investor Conference 2022.

«The main finding from the research is how far behind is Fintech in Italy, but we can also note how important would be the enrichment of the Fintech ecosystem within a joint regulatory framework. We have to work on infrastructures and skills and bring more reactivity and speed within the Financial and payments’ system, paying attention to the production sectors needs. Technological development – Catania said – will determine a strong macroeconomical revolution of global Financial sector, with new skills, professional figures and business models. It is a big chance for the entire economical industry».

«A fast spread of technological innovations is ongoing and Fintechs are producing the rethinking of traditional business models. We need a common effort to bridge the gap between Italy and the rest of Europe: looking at numbers, we have to move from 1.5% GDP to 3% for R&D investments and from 4.5% to 6.5% for digital investments. The PNRR (Recovery and Resilience Plan) provides huge resources for digital (€50billion). We also need that digital actors change their offer according to the actual businesses’ needs. From this point of view, Quid Informatica – as per our Chairman – is a benchmark: our company knows the business processes, supports firms to design their development plan and builds durable partnerships based on mutual trust and the mantaining of commitments. In this scenario, quality and speed are the key concepts for digitalization».


Versatile, fast and secure. Qinetic’s availability on IBM Cloud proves the flexibility and the adaptability of our full digital platform to customers’ needs
«Our partnership with Quid was a challenge for both sides: we won together», Montanari said.
Stefano Bertoli, CEO at Quid, was interviewed by Data Manager on the Qinetic platform development and its innovative features