Keeping pace with technological innovation
and experimenting with new services
to extend to our customers is our priority.

Qi-Lab, Quid’s laboratory and technological centre, turns ideas into products

The academic and specialist skills, together with the market experience of Quid Informatica, allow high value-added projects to be carried out using and developing state-of-the-art technologies.

With regard to SMEs and the industry as a whole, Quid’s innovation culminates in a Digital Service Factory with cross-cutting capabilities while relying on a single architecture that adapts to the changing needs of customers, markets and processes.

MS Azure cloud services platform is the tool connecting the services and solutions designed by Quid.

Research and innovation in the banking sector

Document recognition and assessment

By scanning an image, a document is recognised and the form is pre-filled, checking data completeness and speeding up the process.

Immediate application in
credit processes

Complete process integration solutions designed to bring the customer closer to the dealer and the bank.

Integration architectures and core banking

Integration with SOA architectures, microservices and APIs; development reorganisation, including on a crowdsourcing basis; migration of core banking with open technologies that can replace mainframe HOST and AS400 systems.

Innovative skills

UX Design and

Agile and interactive processes driven by advanced graphic prototyping techniques (UX, Axure, Invision), simple ways of designing Horizontal Portals (IBM Portal, Liferay) and modern web technologies (Angular) to focus on user requirements and implement application functions in the best possible way.


The ability to analyse large amounts of data in a very short time using sensitivity analysis (which guides development based on user satisfaction), coupled with root-cause analysis (which identifies the underlying causes of product defects based on the data collected), makes it possible to respond to daily needs.

Image Processing
e Machine Learning

Specialisation in this area allows document system automation to be accelerated.

Quid’s innovative solutions for SMEs and industries

Blockchain and IoT

The connection of devices, equipment and sensors in the IoT era and the certified and immutable tracking through blockchain technologies allow for the circulation and recording of information considered useful to ensure the entire lifecycle of a product. The Sea Factory project designed for the fish market and the Quid Made In Trust solution are based on these pillars.


Artificial Intelligence plays a key role in facilitating, through intelligent and predictive data analysis, the management of processes and complexities. The Pitagora project for managing airport operations and the E-Servant solution for managing the safety of events and crowded venues are two examples of concrete applications of these principles.


Overcoming the physical barriers of individual devices in IT is the main opportunity afforded by cloud technologies, which allow environmentally enabled users to access shared data and documents while facilitating remote collaboration on projects.