Financial Services

A long-standing experience in deploying projects
by relying on technological and process expertise

The lifecycle of financial products

Quid has gained twenty years of experience in the field by designing and rolling out complex platforms for the management of essential phases of the life cycle of financial products, based on deep-rooted and refined skills. We combine technological expertise with solid process knowledge.

Starting in 2016, we created Qinetic, an innovative open banking-oriented management platform, to manage the entire lifecycle of typical consumer credit products: from meeting with the customer to relationship management and debt collection, including administrative, institutional reporting and regulatory components.

Our Vision

Accessibility and simplicity

What characteristics does the Finance market look for in an IT partner? Massimo Barucci, Head of Market & Delivery of Quid, replies
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Process automation

Maurizio Astarita, Head of the Milan Centre, unveils the role of Quid and Qinetic in the automation of banking processes
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A market undergoing deep transformation

Luigi Barberis, Sales Manager Financial Services, provides insights into the evolution of the market and the role of technological partners
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Skills, Projects and Services

The platform designed by Quid covers all components of the credit lifecycle, and can also be installed based on modules. We also provide custom solutions for the management of sales and credit/administrative and regulatory processes, designed in synergy with the needs of the customer and leveraging the deep business knowledge that our Company has gained over the years.
The software and processes implemented are self-consistent and complete, built to dialogue with the rest of a bank’s systems, whether they are legacy systems or packages purchased from third parties. A typical example is to be found in the credit cycle, which connects with any external scoring engine regarding both customer acquisition and reassessment, or the image recognition engine. These considerations also apply to the generation of regulatory or accounting information.
We are developing the ‘instant scoring’ service on data made available by PSD2 for the benefit of the Credit Bureau Consortium for the Protection of Credit (locally known as CTC).
QUID assisted CTC in the development of SIC+, the current database, gaining a deep understanding of credit assessment issues. Most notably, the following are under development:
  • Customer interface (including Payment Service User) through a specialised Web App, which allows CTC, as Account Information Service Provider (AISP) to access payment accounts;
  • Integration with Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and Value-Added Services provided by the CBI platform;
  • Integration with an analytical engine to analyse PSD2 data and create a set of indicators/KPIs and a specific score, in collaboration with the University of Milano Bicocca;
  • Integration with the information systems of financial institutions to provide the output of the analyses, with special reference to the scoring of loan applicants.
QUID’s technology enables an improvement in quality and timing of loan origination.

Quid provides the Application Maintenance service on its own applications and on standard market platforms. Customers benefit from our expertise by realising substantial savings. We develop application integrations and offer consultancy, including design consultancy, and streamline processes by working alongside the customer. We monitor platforms on site and remotely, and provide support in training the customer’s own IT staff.

Quid has carried out projects including the (i) development of DWH (Data WareHouse) systems to collect economic and financial data from different sources and compare them; (ii) definition and maintenance of a statistical universe for claims; (iii) definition of reports for querying portfolios and a single database, improving settlement times while interfacing with anti-fraud systems.

Learn more about Qinetic, Quid’s platform for credit management

A flexible solution, developed with a view to Open Banking and PSD2, covering the entire lifecycle of consumer credit products.

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