Industry and

Digital Innovation is the driver underlying Quid’s consulting and
technological value proposition designed for
Italian small and medium-sized enterprises.

Digital Transformation

The DNA that defines Quid Informatica’s approach towards its target market stems from a natural focus on streamlining management processes and the need to invest in technology in order that customers may achieve their business goals.

This combination, complemented by the ability to operate in complex environments in terms of technology and process, is a key enabler to support the customer business and share its short- and medium-term objectives. It is the basis underpinning the skills and solutions that qualify Quid Informatica’s valuable proposition and warranting its continuous development over time, such development driving the continuous innovation challenges to strive for.

Industry 4.0

Quid Informatica has adopted Confindustria’s Industry 4.0 system, a project designed to lead Italy’s industry into the future.

Digitalising and integrating technologies into business processes plays a key role in a revolution aimed at innovating and empowering the production system. Understanding the rationale behind this operation rather than passively accepting it has now become a priority for our industrial fabric, as it can rely on technological partners of proven experience in this field who can help businesses navigate their transformation process.

Focus Areas


MS Dynamics 365 Business Central is an all-in-one management software product that embeds production, planning, sales, and accounting, providing the ability to control all aspects of the business while simplifying collaboration and task distribution.

Reporting and analytics functions support decision-making processes and facilitate financial data management.


The new frontier of sales management: MS Dynamics 365 for Sales is a product that ensures granular and immediate monitoring of relationships with potential customers, potential revenues and the status of negotiations.

Artificial Intelligence supports goal monitoring, prioritisation, and sales performance analysis activities.


Data analysis plays a key role in the strategic processes of businesses. Business Intelligence includes technologies that make it possible to collect, compare, analyse and present data, underpinning and guiding decision-making processes.

Power BI, easily integrated with other tools such as Business Central, is a solution that transforms individual data into comprehensive visual insights.



The ARXivar platform is designed to deliver complete document management and process digitalisation.

It makes it possible to (i) collect business documents at a central repository to facilitate sharing and research; (ii) store documents electronically and meet legal hold requirements for the purposes of dematerialisation, with an automatic distribution package being created in the event of a tax audit; (iii) design and implement electronic workflows when managing business processes.

Quid Informatica Made In Trust QI-MIT

The blockchain revolution provides great opportunities in a whole range of industries in addition to the financial industry.

Quid Informatica Made In Trust is a solution that can be deployed in different fields – including fashion, food farming, fishing and franchising – ensuring complete tracking of the lifecycle of a product. Delivering on quality and combating counterfeiting are value-added operations for the producer and the consumer alike.
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