Quid solution for
credit management

Qinetic, the platform designed and developed for credit

Qinetic is the platform developed to cover the entire lifecycle of consumer credit processes. A flexible solution, which can be adopted on a fully-featured or modular basis, to ensure maximum compatibility with customer systems, low implementation costs and strong scalability.

Personal and special purpose loans, salary-backed loans, cards, mortgages, leasing and peer-to-peer lending are the financial products that can be managed through QINETIC, a solution that has already been successfully adopted by banks and financial companies that are part of Quid’s customer base. The platform is customisable as the customer can choose the features to be included, configure existing processes and modules and provide the necessary specifications for the graphic design.

Why choose Qinetic:

One management process encompassing many products

Qinetic can manage a whole range of financial products without the need for platform fragmentation. Specialised modules handle common processes and use the information for a specific purpose, such as producing accounting records and debt collection. Basic information, such as personal details and the administrative set-up, is broken down into a cross-cutting and a specialised component, ensuring 360-degree reporting on management-related events and the fulfilment of legal and regulatory requirements.

All of Qinetic’s ‘core’ processes can therefore be quickly replicated and adapted to the specific needs of the customer and integrated with corporate procedures where necessary, without the need to develop integrations from scratch or overturn the platform logic. Qinetic is therefore a complete management system as well as an evolutionary tool that follows the customer in its development efforts without imposing special constraints.

Consistent and flexible architecture

The same holistic approach – described from a business function perspective – is adopted at the technical application level. For example, the set of preliminary documents and, subsequently, those necessary for the lifecycle of the relationship with the customer are described and parameterised through the Check List module. Once generated or captured, they are saved and can be retrieved using the DoQ module.
Thanks to its architectural flexibility, Qinetic is to be viewed as a platform on which to incrementally build one’s business, bearing in mind that it will always be possible to add, evolve and replace one of the building blocks without causing any damage and with limited investment.
Qinetic communicates with external applications – whether they are customer or third-party applications, such as consortium databases, etc. – through structured and documented APIs according to the latest market standards. Smart communication is also the way in which Qinetic different modules relate to each other and transmit information and events to be processed.
Communication is established in compliance with security standards regarding access to information and transfer of data, which are stored in relational and non-relational databases, both at the customer’s premises (i.e., in house) and in the cloud (Azure, Amazon, IBM).

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