Operations & Supply
Chain Consulting

Quin, a centre of excellence working
in an integrated way on processes,
people and technological solutions.

About Quin

Qualified consultancy and cutting-edge solutions to support businesses on the road to digital transformation across the Operations, Supply Chain and Project & Innovation Management landscape.

While digitalisation is a crucial and now necessary journey to embark upon in order that businesses may be competitive in the market, the road to becoming a true ‘Data Driven Company’ is by no means one without challenges.

“Historically, Quin’s consulting services have been based on three integrated lines of action”, explained Fabio Valgimigli, Quin’s Managing Director, “The re-engineering of processes to make them efficient, the selection and introduction of suitable and innovative technological solutions, and the training of personnel to align their skills and involve them in transformation projects.”

Unleashing value
from processes

In order that businesses may unleash their value, their underlying processes must be addressed first. Process review and efficiency is indeed an area falling in the remit of Quin, a company of the Quid group as well as a consulting centre of excellence in the Operations & Supply Chain Management, Business & Data Analytics, Project & Innovation Management landscape.

Managing complexity
relying on efficient and agile solutions

Today more than ever, against an increasingly complex and disruption-laden backdrop, Quin becomes the ideal partner to support businesses along structured paths leading to digital transformation and to the adoption of internal process management agile models, with a view to developing and increasing their competitive edge and operational efficiency.

Skill and Asset Orchestration

Since its founding, Quin has operated in three areas focusing on in-depth and specialised vertical expertise.
Quin relies on an end-to-end approach to provide customers with a single point of contact, from design to implementation of solutions.
The ability to listen to a company’s business needs is one of Quin’s strengths and is always the starting point for any consulting endeavour. Right from the outset, Quin has stood out for its positioning, which includes integrated efforts along three closely interconnected lines, working synergistically on processes, systems and people. It is on these very bases that Quin sets out to enable change.

In order to accelerate the adoption of a data-driven approach, which companies can no longer postpone if they want to remain in business, processes need to become more efficient or the business model needs to be redesigned, suitable enabling systems and technologies need to be deployed and, finally, efforts need to focus on a crucial asset such as the training of human resources involved in the change processes.

Quin, geared to the future

In order to act as a driving force behind businesses, Quin continuously invests in its key asset: people. Its team consists of experienced, APICS and/or PMI certified consultants who are recognised for their pragmatic, result-oriented and smart intervention approach. Searching for new solutions and innovative technologies, developing service offerings and new ways of delivering services are part of the DNA of Quin, which has always been at the forefront of processes designed to improve the performance of its customers.

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