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Our innovative product lifecycle tracking solution brochure now available
Blockchain technologies enable certified and immutable data to be recorded. We have designed a solution, Quid Informatica Made In Trust, which uses this technology to protect the quality of products and production processes.
By tracking the entire lifecycle of a product, its value and authenticity can be guaranteed. Qi-Mit, on the basis of the data collected, produces a certificate and empowers the entire supply chain.
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“Blockchain Tuscany”, Marco Iozzi among the speakers of the webinar
Marco Iozzi, Senior Consultant at Quid, presented our company’s initiatives in the blockchain area
The University of Florence has established a research unit called BABEL (Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence for Business Economics and Law) with the aim of providing support to research related to new technologies and regulatory bodies. In collaboration with Kritica Economica, BABEL has organized a free webinar entitled ‘Blockchain Toscana’, an event dedicated to businesses, administrations and academic institutions aimed at jointly exploring the opportunities offered by blockchain technology. The webinar was held on Thursday, 13 May 2021 at 3:00 pm.
Among the speakers at the event was Marco Iozzi, Senior Consultant at Quid, who presented our company in the section reserved for companies developing blockchain solutions. This technology has been used by Quid both for the Sea Factory project and for the Qi-Mit solution, which allows companies to certify the authenticity of products and production processes.
For more information and to request the full video: Blockchain Toscana.


The strong rise in the company's core market is due to the trust accorded by our customers in the development of Qinetic, the platform capable of supporting a new way of banking
Quid Informatica has completed the ESG assessment process with the Synesgy platform, achieving a positive score
Quin, the digital transition consultancy company of Quid Group, has acquired QGS – Quin Tech Intensity